The helpful side of pariajat in dengue deaseas, from arthritis to body pain

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Harsingar, a small tree with fragrant white flowers, is known by names like Parijat, Raat ki Rani, and night-blooming jasmine.

Its flowers are not only beautiful but also have various health benefits. Besides the flower, its leaves, seeds, and bark have also been used in Ayurveda to treat various health conditions. The plant has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties.

According to The Healthsight, a decoction made of Harsingar leaves can work like magic on unbearable pain in the body during dengue.

Here’s a laydown of the medicinal properties of the plant:

  • Arthritis

To make a decoction, take about 5gm of leaves, bark, and flower, put them in a pot with 200 gm of water. Boil it and when the water is reduced to ¼ of the initial quantity, drink it hot and it will give relief in pain and swelling.

  • Colds, Colds, and Sinus

Grind a few leaves of Harsingar, extract the juice from the leaves and mix it with honey. The mixture will bring relief from cold and cough. You can make a decoction by boiling its leaves and flowers together, try to mix some basil leaves with it. Drinking the decoction will help get rid of phlegm.

  • Fever

If you are suffering from high fever, boil the bark of the Harsingar plant with its leaves and basil leaves and drink it twice a day. The decoction will provide relief to a great extent from fever.

  • Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, use Harsingar oil. The fragrance will lessen stress and anxiety. It increases the serotonin level in the brain and keeps the mood better.

  • Sciatica Pain

To treat sciatica pain, prepare a decoction by boiling three to four leaves of the Harsingar plant with water. Drain it and consume it twice a day on an empty stomach. There will be pain relief.

  • Body pain In Dengue

If there is pain in the body due to dengue, boil Harsingar leaves in water for some time and drink it when it becomes half. You will soon notice pain relief. This decoction is also said to be beneficial in malaria.


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