Super food : What Actually Is Acai And What Does It Taste Like?

Super food
Super food

लाइफ स्टाइल  | Super food :  When something is repeatedly revered as a super food, curiosity is bound to ensue. If you’ve found yourself ordering an acai smoothie or wondering about acai supplements, then you’ve probably been at least marginally interested in the berry. Whether it’s due to the purported health claims or you simply enjoy the taste, if you’ve consumed acai or are eager to try it, then we’ve got the scoop about this unique ingredient.

Super food : Sweet acai smoothie 

Super food :  There’s plenty to discover when you look beyond a sweet acai smoothie bowl, and you don’t even need to go to South America. While you’re sure to learn more about the tropical berry if you find yourself in the Amazon, with modern trade comes the ease of eating international foods from the comfort of your home. That said, the highly perishable ingredient doesn’t make it Stateside in its fresh form, limiting some of its uses.

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Super food : Acai is a dark purple berry that grows from a type of palm tree native to South America’s Amazon rainforest, most notably in northern Brazil. The trees themselves are quite tall, making its harvest a bit of a feat. Nevertheless, as the fruit ripens and the color changes from green to dark purple, locals shimmy up the trees to slice off the goods. It has been a mainstay in the diet of Indigenous populations for hundreds of years, more recently gaining popularity in North America and around the world.

Superfood : What Actually Is Acai And What Does It Taste Like?

health claims and super food recipes :

With an abundance of health claims and super food recipes, the berries are increasingly in demand, boosting the related commercial enterprises. Unfortunately, a lot of the work falls on the shoulders of young children who have an easier time climbing the trees.

Super food : Taste acai without trekking

Super food : The bulk of the harvest occurs in northern Brazil, and an estimated 70% of the product exported goes to the U.S. (via Business Insider). While the accessibility stateside is a huge benefit for anyone who wants to taste acai without trekking over to Brazil, some parts of the current system need to change to maintain the biodiversity of the region that produced the delicious berries in the first place.

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